The clinic has evolved from the need to provide ‘A Holistic Approach to Thyroid Function’ to many in need of Thyroid support.

Comprehensive testing is first and foremost.  Along with the Thyroflex test, it is also practical to have other thyroid testing such as Hormones and Cortisol (Adrenal) Testing, Blood Tests and Urinary Iodine Testing are perhaps the most valuable in initial stages of evaluation.

A full Initial consultation involves taking details of your health journey so far ie, symptoms, medications, history etc.  You are encouraged to bring all past testing with you.  This may be bloods from your GP – not just about your Thyroid, Hair Tissue Analysis, Functional test.  It is important that you utilise all of your past tests as many may be relevant to your current health.   You will be required to fill out a personal detail sheet and Thyroflex questionnaire before attending.

Recommendations for further testing and supplement prescription will be discussed at the end of the consultation and are always obligation free.


Naturally Thyroid Beth Klenner


Advanced Diploma in Natural Medicine, Diploma Herbal Medicine, Diploma Homoeopathy

Member of The Complementary Medicine Association.

Naturally Thyroid Complementary Medicine Association



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