Bad habits are back knocking at the door.  A full day planned and life is getting in the way of food.

Out the door this morning on a glass of Coconut milk.


Back by 9 for some reheated Beef Stroganoff. This really gets better with time.  AIP Thyroid

Made up some more Sage Chicken Breakfast patties to put into the freezer.  These are amazingly sweet and delicious.



Got a call for an impromptu coffee out for a friend’s birthday.  I wasn’t prepared for lunch, so I just whipped up a Green Smoothie, drank half and took the other half with me.

AIP Thyroid


Another easy one, couple of Sage Chicken Breakfast patties, some baked sweet potato and steamed broccoli.

AIP Thyroid

Back out the door for another impromptu celebration for the same friend, organised by someone else for Birthday cake and wine.  I had neither, but it didn’t stop me from having a good time!

Beth Klenner
Beth Klenner
Beth Klenner is a fully qualified Naturopath and owner of Naturally Thyroid with a passion to help people identify and address probable causes for their low functioning Thyroid condition.
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