Awake early this morning, but not feeling too well, back to bed until 10am!!!  Thank goodness Hubby around to look after the kids.

So…………. breakfast was sort of lunch.


Felt like a bit of a fry up, so got out some ready-to-go rutabaga for some hashbrowns.  Scrounged through the last of the lettuce to get enough on the plate.  Heated some more Chicken Sage Breakfast patties. Drizzled in Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.

Breaky fry up!



Was reading up on  a recipe for Plantain burgers, using Plantain as the ‘bun’.  Thought I would try it out.

Fried Plantain - I'm in heaven

Fried Plantain – I’m in heaven


Up for a new recipe tonight.  Didn’t cook it according to instructions but it turned out well and even hubby had a serve.  Pesto & Zucchini Lasanga.  First of all I made the AIP Basil Pesto.

AIP Thyroid

While I was doing that, I cooked off the zucchini as per the instructions.

Then I made the mince recipe.  I sprinkled a bit of Coconut Barbecue sauce over it and also decided to thicken it with some tapioca flour.

As I didn’t have the picture printed out to follow, I just layered it like a normal lasagna.

AIP Thyroid


AIP Thyroid

AIP Thyroid

Well, it turned out very yummy.  Four good serves, even hubby had some with only one left for tomorrow’s lunch!

AIP Thyroid

Lets hope for a better start tomorrow……

Beth Klenner
Beth Klenner
Beth Klenner is a fully qualified Naturopath and owner of Naturally Thyroid with a passion to help people identify and address probable causes for their low functioning Thyroid condition.
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