After a huge day yesterday, woke still feeling somewhat okay.  So there must be something good going on here after all of this!


I must confess was a carrot and a glass of Coconut milk.  My first really poor effort. I hope it is not habit sustaining.


I tried out a new recipe Mushroom Pate.  Really yummy.

AIP Thyroid

Cook it all up in the pan

AIP Thyroid

You’ll want to pretty it up a bit better than this, but it IS yummy.


I redeemed myself by baking a chicken and doing a few roasted vegetables with a dash of pesto.  Note to self: Buy more greens today!

AIP Thyroid

My best chicken yet!

AIP Thyroid


Very satisfying.  A freezer dinner,  Carrot and sweet potato chili with steamed asparagus and snow peas.

AIP Thyroid

I also fried up some plantains to go with it.

AIP Thyroid

These are absolutely heaven

Well, 21 days on AIP.  Has had it ups and downs, but all in all, pretty please with how it is going. Definitely planning and preparation is the key. Only now to continue until I am happy with symptom reduction and then start the re-introduction stage. I would love to have eggs. Soon enough…..

Beth Klenner
Beth Klenner
Beth Klenner is a fully qualified Naturopath and owner of Naturally Thyroid with a passion to help people identify and address probable causes for their low functioning Thyroid condition.
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