I feel like the weather is following my mood, or I am following the weather.  My hubby says that I’m grumpy.  I’m not.  I am angry.  Angry that I ‘have’ to do this diet.  ‘Have’ to is a really odd thing to say, as I don’t ‘have to’ do anything.  I am a grown adult with choice.  The reality is I have ‘chosen’ to take this challenge. And why?  I have an auto immune disease.  My body is destroying itself.

Why can’t I be like everyone else?  Eat whatever, do whatever.  I take a good look around.  Who is really healthy?  As I see it, we are killing ourselves, with bad food and bad environment,  a long slow, generational death of the human population.

I have had my disease for over 15 years that I have known about it.  Ten years before that I had gut issues and candida, so was that the beginning?   That is 25yrs.  How many more do I want to suffer? A big fat Zero.

Lethargy as well, may be the low carb flu.   The SAD to AIP in Six fb group mentioned it.  Quite possibly, although I really didn’t think that I was a candidate, having already cleared sugars from my diet and wasn’t a big carbie.  I must look exhausted, my hubby says I need to go to bed for 1.5 hours while we are in the car today, on our way out!  I can think okay – not foggy, like reported in other’s low carb posts, but heavy in the face, nose eyes and definitely off the walking.

All I feel like is a warm bowl of Beef Bone Broth before anything this morning.


Tried out the Rutabaga Hashbrowns, that I prepared yesterday, Sage Chicken Breakfast Patties with kalettes and fried onion.

Didn't stick together like it says it would in the recipe

Didn’t stick together like it says it would in the recipe

Yummy anyway


The last days of school holidays and we were out for the afternoon.  Took my stash of carrot sticks and apple and a large salad made up from last nights Barbecue Chicken.  So while the rest dined on Burgers and chips, I had my salad while watching my youngest on the playground.  I was not at all envious.

Left overs make a great lunch salad

Left overs make a great lunch salad


We were late getting home, lucky I had a large slice of Beet Meatloaf with me, so that literally was dinner. I was so tired that I went to bed for a good couple of hours sleep as soon as we got home and woke for a snack.

Better day tomorrow, fingers xxed!




Beth Klenner
Beth Klenner
Beth Klenner is a fully qualified Naturopath and owner of Naturally Thyroid with a passion to help people identify and address probable causes for their low functioning Thyroid condition.
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