AIP, that’s the next step, have you wanted to do it?  Not sure how or where to start? I invite you to travel with me from my mostly Paleo diet, well, at least Gluten free anyway, to AIP, aka ‘AutoImmune Protocol’.  There is only one goal insight for those that travel this road.  Remission of Auto-Immune Disease, or at very least, reduction of one’s symptoms and medications.

This is a raw account of my lessons on AIP.  Including recipes, food preparation, hot tips on anything I can share with you to make your journey easier. There will be links to all recipes that is found on the internet, and any references to books recipes will be clear.

I joined the SAD to AIP in Six group coaching.  The focus is on teaching you ‘how to fish’ rather than giving you the fish itself.  That is all very well, but I really was pressed to find great quality information at my finger tips.  So I have decided to blog my experience to make your one better.

So first up, some prep work over the last few days.

Bone Broth, you’ve heard about it, may even have made it before.  The best thing about bone broth is that it is really easy and you can put in it whatever you wish.  The most important thing is, to use grass-feed/organic bones and the reason behind this is that the long slow cooking will leach minerals out of the bones along with any heavy metals and toxins.

So if you just start with a basic recipe, bones, carrot, onion, garlic, celery and herbs of choice. Great if you have a slow cooker, but it can be made on the stove top, however I have not done that.  My slow cooker tends to leach steam, so I do top it up water as it cooks off.

I didn’t think to do a ‘before’ photo, so here it is after 36 hours.  I promise I will show a preview to the next batch!

AIP Beef Bone Broth

Let it cool down enough to handle the Casserole portion of the slow cooker, then take all the larger items out – bones, left over vegetables.  Then strain the juices into a bowl.

AIP Beef Bone Broth

What you see in the bottom left hand corner is this precious liquid.  I put this in the fridge to let the fat settle. You can then scrap this off easily and keep the lard for cooking as it offers delicious flavours to any meal. A great way to store bone broth is to pour it in patty tins – mine works out to be about 1/2 cup per patty hole.  Once frozen you can get them out easily from the patty tins by first turning the whole tray upside down and running hot water over the back of the tray, you need to be quick though, they start to drop out, so have a large baking dish handy that they can drop onto.  Store them in plastic zip seal bags in the freezer, they stack well.

AIP Beef Bone Broth

Okay, so then I did a bit of googling and found this lovely lady, Charlotte Smith and her blog website Salixisme – AIP Living, and her amazing recipes.

My next undertaking was to make up some Coconut Milk.  With Charlotte’s awesome recipe you not only get the milk, but make Coconut Flour too.  Two in one is a great deal!

So as per Charlotte’s recipe, two cups of Coconut and four cups of boiling water…………I had a 200gm packet of Coconut chips, so made it 100gm per 4 Cups of boiling water. Make sure you use good quality Coconut, organic is best.

Beginnings of Coconut Milk

Simple beginnings of Coconut Milk


One packet made two batches

Coconut Milk AIP Thyroid                                       Coconut Milk Thyroid AIP

I blitzed in a blender (I use my Thermomix) and strained.   I went on to dehydrate the pulp in a dehydrator and it didn’t take long, but did not process into Coconut Flour.  I thought it may make a nice crunchy topping to some stewed fruit for a desert. Like a pretend crumble.

What I found new (for me)  from Charlotte’s website Salixisme, is this recipe for Beet Kvass.  So simple to prepare.  A few Beetroots, onion and garlic in a jar.  Viola, just burp daily and we’ll see how that one goes.

AIP Beet KVass

AIP Beet Kvass

Saukraut has been around for years.  I have one brewing in the fridge from a while back, but as I will be eating it more often, thought I’d better do another brew. So easy to finely chop up a cabbage, put in a bowl and rub salt though it.  I did pound the first batch down, so that is a bit more dense at the bottom of the jar.

Rainbow Sauerkraut

Rainbow Sauerkraut

Dinner tonight was a slow cooked casserole, Dr Axe’s Slow Cooker Beef Stew  slightly modified.  Mine had Coconut oil instead of Olive oil,  Coconut Amino’s instead of Worcestershire sauce, no sugar or tomatoes and it still managed to taste great!

AIP Thyroid

And………..finally I cooked a chook, this one is from Sarah Wilson’s ‘I Quit Sugar for Life’, page 111.  Crispy Roast Chook.  Deliciousness in one, stuffed lemon & butter under the skin of the chook sitting on a bed of garlic and sliced onions.  I’m having one of my final indulgences – butter.  It is ‘no grain’ week, this week, but soon the dairy will be gone forever…..

The Raw Deal

The Raw Deal

AIP Thyroid

Cooked Chook







It’s been a few busy days in the kitchen, but all worth it to have good nourishing meals.  I’ll leave you to enjoy the same view I did today while taking my walk.

AIP Thryoid

Beth Klenner
Beth Klenner
Beth Klenner is a fully qualified Naturopath and owner of Naturally Thyroid with a passion to help people identify and address probable causes for their low functioning Thyroid condition.
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