The Thyroflex test offers an instant result for Thyroid hormone activation.  It works by measuring a reflex in the arm.  The muscle that is used is called the brachioradialis muscle and it lies in the forearm.   When this muscle is activated by the use of a reflex hammer, a signal goes to the brain and then back down the arm to result in a flick of the middle finger.  This is the resultant reflex.  This speed that it takes for the signal to move along the nerve is measured and it has a relationship to the efficiency of active T3 hormone that is in the cells at the time.    This result is 98.5% accurate in outcome.

Importantly the Thyroflex test may also compliment blood tests for TSH, T4, T3 along with symptoms of the patient to identify the level of Thyroid hormone output.

The Thyroflex can also tell assess your basal metabolic rate (how fast you burn your calories at rest).

This is a practical demonstration on the Thyroflex Test as practiced at Naturally Thyroid.

This test has also been aired on the Dr Phil show. The first 30 seconds is how the test works.


The Thyroflex is a quick, non-invasive measure of Thyroid hormone on a cellular level

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