Okay, so you may know that the regular Thyroid Testing is the Thyroid Function Test (TFT) for Thyroid.  This is the blood test that the Dr will order to check your Thyroid.  This tests the level of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) and it is on this result that Dr’s prescribe and monitor medications.

For some this may help, however for many they continue to struggle with low thyroid function despite the addition of synthetic Thyroxine (T4) prescribed to regulate thyroid function.

Mainly because that it may not be lack of T4 that is the major problem.  Other blood tests assess the possibility of auto-immunity and show the levels of circulating Thyroxine (T4)  and Triiodothyronine (T3).   T4 is not active until it is changed to T3.  Nutrients such as Iodine are essential and an Iodine Test will reveal current levels.

Also there are many other functional tests that are invaluable to determining the health of your Thyroid function as a whole.

These specific tests offer a valuable opportunities to identify the most important areas of health that require focus. Everyone is different, for example it may be Thyroid antibodies and auto-immune issues, in another it may be dominant Oestrogen, and another it may be worn out adrenals that have dampened the Thyroid function.

These findings are significant in healing as the body, as it may be overwhelmed in one area and without relief, may struggle to effect healing in other areas.  The gut and digestion is paramount in all aspects of therapies.

Undertaking full thyroid testing provides focus and direction for specific therapies and time frames to expect various health issues to resolve.  For example, a Vitamin D level may show low and within one month of therapeutic dosage, the levels are assumed a good level and then maintenance of Vitamin D supplement is only required.  Another example is of a Female Hormone Salivary Test, indicating high levels of Oestrogen and low levels of Progesterone.  After three months of therapeutic supplementation and retesting reveals that both the oestrogen and progesterone levels have aligned. This saves money as therapies are targeted, allows the correct supplementation to be applied and the final outcome is within a timely manner.

In clinic the most common tests are

* Thyroflex – Cellular Thyroid Test

Blood Testing – Full Thyroid panel

* Salivary Testing – Female Hormones & Cortisol (Adrenals)

* Urinary Testing – Iodine

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